My REVEIW of the HoodLoupe

HoodLoupe Professional LCD Screen Loupe for 3″ Displays

This is a really neat little accessory. It is especially useful if you do a lot of shooting outdoors and can’t see your photos on the LCD screen on the back of the camera.  With this little device you can see your photos in all their glory to check for sharpness, exposure, color, the settings your camera used, histogram, and pretty much anything else you use the LCD screen to see.

The loupe comes with a strap to hang around your neck so it is readily available. You can adjust the loupe to your eyesight, similar to the diopter on the camera.  Another great, almost, a must, use for the loupe is to take video if your camera has video.  On HD video enabled cameras you have to use the LCD to take the video as the viewfinder doesn’t work in this mode on most cameras. Well, if you are outside, you have the same problem as with reviewing your photos in bright light. Enter the hood loupe.  You can even buy several accessories that make the hood loop stick to the view finder so you don’t have to hold it there while taking video. This basically makes your LCD a view finder like you see on video cameras.

Now, I did find it a bit cumbersome when I first started using it as I had to figure out how to hold the camera and the loupe at the same time. Also, if I got a lot of finger prints on the LCD it tended to blur parts of my review which was real easy to see with the loupe. However, I have a pretty large camera (5D) with a battery pack. I would think smaller cameras without that would be easier to maneuver

But all in all I love this purchase. It is priced a little higher than I would have liked at $79 (B&H) but I have no regrets!!

To see the hood loup and accessories, go to:


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