My Review of the Pro-Optic 500mm f/6.3 Manual Focus, T-Mount Mirror Lens by Pro Optic

Probably not worth it

Long focal length, Lightweight
Blurry Focus
Best Uses:
Wildlife, moon shots

I knew at $159 it couldn’t be that good, but I was surprised how hard it was to focus. When I had it in focus on a tripod, with a cable release the photos were out of focus, not soft, but out of focus. Used it for big birds on a nest and moon shots. Moon shots were not too bad so it could be a cheap telescope. If you are a beginner this could be a low cost way to get long photos. I WISH IT HAD Auto focus which may have helped a little. Also the Depth of field it tiny.

Remember, this is a fixed 500mm focal length and a fixed aperture of F6.3. It is also a MANUAL focus lens, not auto focus.

I’ve attached 1 photo. This is a cropped zoomed version to check sharpness. I took about 100 shots on this shoot. This is the ONLY usable one.  I took a second shot. This is the actual size of a photo of the moon at 500mm.

OH… and remember to get the lens mount for your camera brand, Canon, Nikon, etc.



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