Sunsets-Sunrises and Beach shots

When taking a Sunrise or Sunset photo, be careful not to look directly into the sun!  Look and point the camera to the left or right of the sun.  As you look through the viewfinder or at the LCD panel, find a point 1/3 from the bottom of the scene you are looking at and focus there.  Then hold your shutter button 1/2 way down and let the camera come up with an exposure. Then raise the camera back where it was to recompose your original scene. If you don’t have a Point & Shoot with the ability to set the shutter/aperture, then use your scene setting called Sunset/Sunrise.  If you can control the exposure, than go to shutter priority to get an exposure. Take the shot.  You are probably going to see that the foreground, or subject, if a portrait with a sunset behind, is completely dark (Underexposed).  To expose the foreground, use your pop-up flash.  If you have an external flash and a flash cord, take the flash off the hot shoe and hold it out to the side for a better exposure of the person.  If there is no person’ try to get something else in the shot like the life guard house, to show some perspective.  If the sky has puffy clouds, that will take the place of the guard house.  Finally, if the sky is actually blue and the shot has a white sky,then the sky is over exposed. Increase your shutter speed one stop at a time until you get the correct look, matching what you actually see.  You could also leave the shutter speed alone and close the aperture one stop at a time (higher F-Stop numbers).  I hope this helps you get better sunset shots this summer.

Keep Snappin’ and have fun!


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